Cozy Partners is the official affiliate program from Cozy Games Management Limited. They have more than 7 years of experience marketing bingo and casino brands targeting players coming all over the world. Their expertise and their offer revolve around mobile players. That said, they do have some of the best mobile brands currently available. Cozy Partners is governed according the laws of Canada. Affiliates are not able to promote Cozy’s brands to US and China players. Furthermore affiliates can choose from several different payment schemes.


Cozy Partners has a flexible affiliate program. Affiliates can get paid a net revenue share of the revenue generated by their referred players, opt for a CPA deal where they get a one-time payment, a CPL deal with which they’ll receive a one-time payment for every registered player regardless of the amount they deposit and if they make a deposit whatsoever. Affiliates who opt for the revenue sharing payment scheme receive 50% commission in the first two months. The minimum commission any affiliate can receive is equal to 25%. CPA and CPL payments are negotiated on an individual basis. Not every affiliate can apply for a CPL deal due to the high frequency of frauds. Cozy Partners seems be very harsh regarding this sort of agreements. All commission is paid out via bank transfers. The minimum threshold that must be reached by all affiliates who want to request a withdrawal is £200. Commission is paid out by the 10th day of the following month. All commission is paid out only in GBP. Additional way to generate revenue by being Cozy Partners’ affiliate is by promoting them amongst your peers and counterparts. You can earn 10% of the total commission your sub-affiliate receives. Affiliate’s total commission is not a subject of negative carryover, but the overall commission will be bundled all together before being paid out. This can have an adverse effect on your monthly performance. Bear in mind Cozy Partners will charge you a 15% admin fee.

Game Types

They have more than 50 different brands under their wing ranging across casino brands, mobile casinos, bingo providers and mobile bingo providers. Over the past few years the number of active mobile players has went sky high. Cozy Partners will give you huge exposure to players coming from all over the world. Existing players find their design familiar. That sense of nostalgia keeps them coming back for more.

Product Languages

  • English

Featured Markets

Cozy Games have a well-established presence in few major markets such as the UK, Sweden, Norway and few other EU countries. Hopefully you already have leads coming from these countries. Furthermore UK players have advantages like being able to deposit using their phone, meaning the deposit will be reflected on their phone bill.

  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United kingdom

Countries Excluded

  • Afganistan
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • Costa rica
  • Croatia
  • Cuba
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • USA


Affiliates can get banners, their own tracking links, on demand statistics and they can track their performance with ease. Cozy Partners have a proprietary affiliate platform. Cozy Games family of brands offers proprietary games as well and they provide their players with some of Microgaming’s games. You’ll notice huge similarities between two of their casinos. This design is well accepted by their players and Cozy Games Management seems like they won’t make any changes in this area. In a way if one of your tagged players likes one of their brands most likely they’ll spend some time playing at another of their brands.

  • Cozy Games
  • Microgaming
  • Proprietary

Payment Methods

  • Bank transfer
  • Bank wire


The list of brands represented by Cozy Partners is rather extensive. It’s up to you how many of them you’re going to promote. Casino brands represented by Cozy Partners are: VIP Club Casino, Aunty Acid Casino, Slotomatic, Mambo Slots, Pocket Casino, Summit Casino, My Touch Casino, Gold Bank Casino, Casino Gates, Quack Pot Casino, Lucky Gold, Mini Mobile Casino and Spinsvilla. They have significantly more bingo brands: Landmark Bingo, Bingo Bytes, Bobs Bingo, Comfy Bingo, Booty Bingo, Play 2 Win Bingo, Bingo Anywhere, Love My Bingo, Scrummy Bingo, Naughty Bingo, Big Bucks Bingo, Bingo Hotpot, Aunty Acid Bingo, Have a Ball Bingo, Bingo VIP Club, Vampire Bingo, Bingo Crazy, TimeBingo, Bingo Boat, BingoFlame, Eat, Sleep, Bingo!, Fun Bingo, Buttercup Bingo, Starlight Bingo, Gravy Train Bingo, Smooth Bingo, Mummies Bingo, Galaxy Bingo, Grimms, CarBoot Bingo, Snappy Bingo, LMAO Bingo!, RawBingo, Sola Bingo, Reem Bingo, Merlin Bingo, Honey Bees Bingo, Quack Pot Bingo, Champers Bingo, Girly Bingo, Lucky Ladies Bingo and The PrizeFinderBingo.com.


Cozy Partners represents the whole family of Cozy Games Management Ltd. Find out more about their payment schemes in our comprehensive affiliate review.

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