Betradar Expands Their Range of Player- Centric Betting Options with Digital Sports Tech’s Prop Bets

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The successful casino data distribution brand, Betradar, has announced a significant expansion to their range of player- centric betting options. The company can now use their usual XML feed formal to deliver a significantly larger range of player- centric bets. These would allow users to bet on a player or a statistic that is associated with their performance. This means that Betradar will be able to increase their offerings far beyond the traditional over or under prices that are usually offered by other companies.

The new options will cover a wide part of the sports betting market. The company will be able to offer odds on specific scenarios such as Cristiano Ronaldo having at least three shots on goal against Juventus in the upcoming Champions League Final. On the other hand, they will also be able to offer odds on sporting events besides football. They may be able to offer odds on Tom Brady making at least 360 passing yards against the Atlanta Falcons, amongst other.

The collaboration with Digital Sports Tech will provide Betradar with betting opportunities across four European football competitions. These include the English Premier League and Champions League. The Digital Sports Tech product will also give the sports data provider access to a range of sporting events from the USA and Australia.

The Managing Director for Betradar, Michael Maerz, explained that there has always been immense demand for the type of odds. The company is only able to offer this to their customers now. Online operators have always been interested in such a service. The agreement between Betradar and Digital Sports Tech will allow them to bring these bets to customers with a lot more ease. It was not possible in the past. Previously, such betting odds would have been too labour intensive to bring to players.

Maerz added, “Now, working with Digital Sports Tech, we can offer a solution to operators that has emotional appeal for bettors, that attracts a broader church of customers and that will boost their turnover without any additional efforts.”

The Executive Director of Digital Sports Tech, Ari Lewski, described the deal as a “ringing endorsement” of his company’s platform, pricing algorithms and trading team.

Lewski added that they hope to expand Digital Sports Tech and become a global brand in the near future. He also explained that the partnership with a prominent operator such as Betradar would give them the exposure they are looking for.

He said, “By partnering with a well- respected provider like Betradar, we are now well positioned to really capitalise on the significant growing interest we are seeing globally on player proposition betting markets.”

Sportradar Corp. AG

Sportradar Corp. AG is a multinational corporation that collects and analyses sports data.

Headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Sportradar provides services to bookmakers, national and international sports federations, and media companies all around the world. The company has 35 offices in 24 countries around the world. Some of their main offices are located in major cities such as Trondheim; Norway, London; UK, and Ljubljana; Slovenia.

Sportradar’s products include live results and statistics and white- label sports content solutions. The company operates a suite of tools for bookmakers that include in- game and pre- match odds suggestions, resulting, market monitoring and trading services. The company offers these services through their brand Betradar.

Sportradar operates through their US subsidiary, Sportsradar US in America. The company serves as the official data provider for several American sports federations. This includes the National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). They have also signed a contract with the International Tennis Federation to become their official data collection service partner. Following this, Sportradar entered into a partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the remaining entity of The Big Four; the Major League Baseball (MLB).

The company has several long standing partnership agreements with sports associations outside of USA. Sportradar has been a partner of the German Football Association since 2005. Their main job here is to detect signs of fraud and match fixing. Besides fraud detection services, Sportradar also organises integrity workshops together with federations such as Major League Soccer, Series A, and the International Hockey Federation.

The company was founded in 2000 in Trondheim, Norway. It was then called Market Monitor. Market Monitor provided services to online bookmakers. Market Monitor together with their Austrian and German partners, created the product in 2001. provides a set of reporting and monitoring tools for the online betting markets. In 2007, Sportradar AG was founded to serve as a parent company for the various companies in the group. Market Monitor was renamed to Sportradar AS and became a subsidiary of Sportradar AG.

In 2012, Sportradar acquired the Slovenian development company Klika. Their expansion efforts continued; in 2013, with Sportradar became the majority shareholder of Sportstat. Sportstat was the official data collection partner of Insider Media. They expanded into the US in 2013 and acquired Sports Data LLC., a Minneapolis based sports data collection company.