Good Newsletters vs. Bad Newsletters – What Makes a Newsletter Effective

In iGaming by on April 13, 2016

As an affiliate who wants to be successful you have to stay up to date with the latest trends and information. Newsletters are the most efficient and most effective media of communication in the affiliate industry. Sending a massive batch of e-mails informs all affiliates of current activities. Or does it? In our experience, we’ve witnessed all kinds of newsletters with different structure, design and most importantly with rather diverse content. It’s the content that makes the newsletter valuable. After all, that’s the purpose of newsletters.

However, if the content or in other words the information is not sorted appropriately pinpointing crucial elements is a struggle. This is just a small tease of what you can expect in this article. Hopefully we’re going to reach to affiliate managers and they will improve these minor or major flaws.

Providing Irrelevant Information That Has No Meaning to the Recipient

Before you send a newsletter make sure that there’s the need for it. Is it going to make someone’s job easier? Is it going to attract attention? Is it going to be useful to someone? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before clicking on the “Send” button. Information that has nothing to do with your brands, your promotions nor it has to do anything with the market at hand is totally irrelevant. Most of the affiliates and the players want and need on spot information.

If, for example, you send out several newsletters with no essence, no meaning, a few days or weeks in a row, your carefully written e-mails will end up in the spam folder. On top of this you create a bad image for your brand. Not all publicity is good publicity.

Irregular vs. Timely Schedule

This goes for newsletters in general. Regardless of your business, operations or the industry you’re in, you should have a fixed schedule when you send out the newsletter. By sticking to a well-defined schedule you create a pattern, a habit. You’re forcing your subscribers in a way to come back tomorrow, to anticipate your newsletter. Think again, how many times you have gone to that vlog just because you know there’s going to be a new video. This will work for you as well.

A timely schedule will set you apart from your competition. By doing this you show your subscribers that you mean business. You don’t even have to be around your computer to actually send the newsletter at the right time. Just schedule it. We live in an automated age. Use the technological advancement at its full potential. Most likely your subscribers will be waiting for it.

Consistent Structure – Reading the Newsletter Must Not Be Time Consuming

As an affiliate, you follow newsletters yourself. You are perfectly aware that time management is an issue of the modern human. We try to advance in all areas of our lives, business, private life and we want to find some time for entertainment. Have this in mind when you create your newsletter.

If you want your subscribers to actually enjoy reading your newsletter, be informed and to profit from them you better not take too much of their time. The best way to reduce the time necessary to go through the full article is to stick to a consistent structure. You can’t know what every individual player is interested in. Some like to know more about the wagering requirements, others just want to benefit from bigger bonuses. Then again some players just want to be updated with what the latest games are and if there’s something interesting going on in the community. Remember, keep it brief and concise.

Any deviation from your standard structure will confuse the reader, therefore keeping him or her longer than necessary. What matters to you the most is the cookie tied to your visitor’s/reader’s browser. If your soon to be referrals keep reading because it takes little time to stay up to date you’ve done a great job. Appreciate the time they spend reading your newsletter and try to minimize it. Make it efficient!

Correct and Complete Information

We know that each and every affiliate wants to provide the most accurate information to their dear subscribers, but even when we put a great deal of attention mistakes can happen. Double check your messages, triple check them if necessary. If you can’t find the necessary information yourself, feel free to contact your dedicated affiliate manager. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You must provide your visitors with nothing but the most accurate information available.

On the other hand incomplete information is way more stressful than incorrect information. Why? Because incorrect information may not be as troublesome as you expect, whereas incomplete information will make the reader look elsewhere. If the reader finds what he/she’s looking for, you just lost one loyal subscriber. For instance, the information you’ve received doesn’t include the wagering requirements or the qualifying games. Put in some effort to obtain this info. Most likely your competitors haven’t gone the distance to obtain it themselves. By providing complete and correct information you will be considered as transparent and professional. And everybody likes transparency and professionalism, even casino players and sports bettors.

Quality over Quantity

This sums up all of our tips so to speak. Create your newsletters with this saying in mind and you will notice tremendous improvements in your performance. Not only will you start earning more commission, but your traffic will also increase.

Keep the information concise, keep it brief, but don’t neglect accuracy. You should serve your readers as the go to source for the latest events, news and promotions. Newsletters can be a powerful tool in the hands of those who know how to use it. You better send one high quality newsletter every 2 weeks than to send a poor one every few days. Quality beats quantity every day of the week.

Hopefully we’ve taught you a thing or two about newsletters and how to improve them. Use them wisely. Newsletters can make your business flourish, but they can also backfire in a blink of an eye if not made properly.