A Trend Of Scandals In The iGaming Industry – BetSoft Has The Spotlight

In Software by on July 14, 2016

A few months ago we witnessed a huge scandal involving a number of online casinos who took the liberty to pirate NetEnt’s and Novomatic’s games. The online gaming community was appalled since this was the 1st big time scandal of its kind.

This time around, Betsoft Gaming are in the spotlight, and the reason shattered their reputation. The online casinos which were monitored for quite some time were Betting Partners – Bovada and their counterpart Slots.iv. After a thorough several month long investigation, there were some major discrepancies to which the community couldn’t turn a blind eye.

BetSoft Gaming Shady Progressive Jackpot Slots

BetSoft Gaming has rather amusing progressive jackpot slots. Betsoft’s popularity was based on their progressive jackpots, until now. Slot players love playing progressive jackpot slots because there’s always that slim chance that they might win the much desired and long anticipated jackpot.

Or was there a chance?

The rules of BetSoft’s jackpots are very clear. A lot of players stick to them and don’t give up. However, after several months of tracking the truth came to light. The facts are as follows. Players who played BetSoft Gaming’s progressive slots in Bovada simply couldn’t win any of the promised jackpots, not even a single one. On the other hand, players who played at Slots.iv were significantly more successful. In fact, Slots.iv payed out a number of jackpots.

This leads us to believe that the jackpots can be and are rigged. This includes the most popular jackpots such as Good Girl Bad Girl, Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Rook’s Revenge and many, many more. We advise you to stay away from BetSoft Gaming’s progressives until the matter is fully resolved.

Who’s to Blame?

We’d rather be quiet and avoid any speculations, at least until we have further details regarding this incident. The ultimate responsibility falls on the regulator’s shoulder. Then again, the audits and the documentation can’t be rigged, unless a great deal of effort and resources are invested.

Bovada Casino and Slots.iv have removed Betsoft’s progressives as soon as the word was out. To be honest, we can’t blame them. We hope their reputation won’t be severely affected by this incident as until this moment they’ve been fair to their players. The sooner this situation gets resolved and someone is punished, the sooner players and casino operators alike can catch a breath.