IGT Signs Seven Year Contract with Svenska Spel in Sweden

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International Game Technology Plc. announced earlier last week that one of their subsidiaries, IGT Canada Solutions Plc., has signed a contract with AB Svenska Spel, the Swedish lottery company. According to the deal IGT will be providing Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), a VLT Central System, site controllers, games and operational services to the Swedish operator. This is part of a competitive procurement process. Svenska Spel is the operator for the Swedish national lottery and has long been member of the World Lottery Association. IGT has been providing video lottery products and support services to Svenska Spel since 1996.

The New Contract

The new contract between the two companies was signed earlier this year and the deal commenced on the 9th of January 2017. The current deal is for a period of seven years. There is a possibility for the deal to be extended at the end of the seven years. The conditions outlined mention that the contract can be extended for one year periods, for a maximum of three, subsequent years. Therefore, this partnership between IGT and Svenska Spel could last for a maximum of 10 years.

What the Deal Includes

Under the terms of the contract, Svenska Spel has agreed to receive at least 6,000 Quasar VLTs, IGT’s INTELLIGEN Central System, a minimum of 2,000 IGT site controllers and 60 games. The company will also provide operational services for Svenska Spel. This is to include round the clock operation of the Gaming System. Monitoring will also be extended to other products, such as the VLTs, site controllers and games that have been chosen from IGT’s market- leading omnichannel content portfolio.

The Quasar VLT

The Quasar VLT is the newest member of the IGT VLT product family. The cabinet features a sleek and modern look. It has also been constructed with state of the art technology and an ergonomic design.

The cabinet presents two 23 inch LCD screens, which have been fitted with a 16:9 aspect ratio. They have also been optimised to support full HD graphics. Additionally, the cabinet also contains a 10.1 inch multi- touch button panel with an optional 21.5 inch marketing display feature. The Quasar VLT boasts sturdy construction with ambient lighting. It offers a range of ergonomic design features. The height of the machine can be adjusted for both standing and sitting positions. The position and angle of the screens can be adapted for a range of different heights. Because of its careful design, players can use the controls while resting their hands on the deck. A large foot rest has also been installed for additional comfort. The screens on the machine have been positioned to optimise viewing and operating comfort.

IGT is confident that the Quasar VLT will set the benchmark for this segment of the market. All the features put together gives the cabinet a streamlined look that is specifically designed to attract players. At least 6000 of these units will be supplied to Svenka Spel.

INTELLIGEN Central System

The latest version of the INTELLIGEN Central System incorporates a proven architectural design with the latest available technology. It promises to maximise system performance and reliability. INTELLIGEN equips Lottery Operators with the technology required to strategically manage their networks while, at the same time, providing their players with the optimal gaming experience.

The solution includes robust Responsible Gaming (RG) tools, which are intuitive for players. It also offers a transparent, realistic context for gaming through features such as tutorials, information on odds and pay outs.

The client also has much to gain from this system that has been designed to grow with the market.

INTELLIGEN offers an Accounting Module, which allows the operator to manage all aspects of the system with regards to financial integrity. It can generate reports, produce and adjust invoices as well as perform electronic funds transfers.

The INTELLIGEN Central System is built with an Event Tracking feature. This allows the operator to track, record and report security exceptions. The feature makes it easy to spot VLT anomalies, which can be used to identify one specific VLT or the site in question. With this, the operator can act on events that may affect the integrity or security of their network.

System Security is another INTELLIGEN feature. It is provided through system redundancy and comes with off- site, backup, proven transaction processing and monitoring tools, which are capable of system, network, or site issue notifications. It also provides security at the user and group levels, with the use of encrypted data.

Network Availability can be optimised thorough the system. INTELLIGEN ensures continuous VLT operations even in the event of a loss of communication with the Central System. All transaction data is stored on local site controllers that can later resume the process without any loss.

The INTELLIGEN Central System is based on commercially- proven deployments in high- transaction environments. It is designed to support growth and remain current through the evolution of technology. A client can choose to add optional value added services to their INTELLIGEN Central System.

Distributed Game Management controls can be added to allow scheduling, distribution and auditing of games and downloadable software packages to VLTs at remote retail sites. With this management tools, the IGT client will no longer need to manually install games on each of their thousands of machines. The client will also benefits from faster introductions and pre- launch testing of new gaming titles.

A Player Services Manager feature to support Multiplayer Gaming, Account Based Play, Player Loyalty and Rewards and Responsible Gaming can also be added. With the tool, players only need to register with the Lottery once for all their gaming needs.

INTELLIGEN can also support Multi-player Gaming, which is a Player User Interface based Wide Area Progressive Jackpot that is offered through compatible VLTs. With this tool, any Games to System (G2S) compatible VLT, independent of manufacturer, may be linked under one single umbrella.

INTELLIGEN can also track Player Loyalty and Rewards packages through an account- based system. This allows the operator to offer each of their players with an affinity program. Using this feature, the operator is also able to group and tier their players; as well as personalise marketing and promotional messages.
The central system also offers a “Cashless” Account Based Play option. This allows players to establish an account with the Lottery, where they can pay for wagers and collect winnings electronically via the VLT or site controller.

Responsible Gaming features can be added to the system. This allows players to make informed choices about their gaming activities. The tool also provides them with the options to manage their own play behaviour. Players can set monetary and time limits, view their play history or even self- exclude from game play.

Advanced Business Intelligence is a data warehousing system that can be added to the INTELLIGEN package. It offers a business analysis and reporting system that is specifically designed for decision management in a lottery enterprise. Executive, Marketing and Operational dashboards help identify trends and provide actionable insights to improve business performances.

Visualization Analytics allows Lottery operators to bring large amounts of data into clear focus to quickly spot trends. This can help to make quick yet informed business decisions.

Finally, the Proactive Diagnostics feature monitors the operational health of the lottery enterprise equipment. It manages field maintenance logistics and provides predicative analysis to maximise end to end system availability.

According to the contact, Svenska Spel has opted to receive the INTELLIGEN Advanced Business Intelligence value- added module as part of the new deal.



IGT Site Controllers

IGT’s site controllers communicate with VLTs and monitor their performance. It ensures that the VLTs are always online and all game play transactions and security exceptions are captured. Each site controller acts as a store and forward device in the instance of a communication failure event.

IGT boasts a family of high performance site controllers, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of the distributed public gaming market. IGT’s site controller and retailer terminal includes a modern, tablet style touch screen display. The sleek product design goes a long way to minimise space requirement. IGT offers two types of site controllers – the i-LINK and the Multi-Terminal Site Controller (MTSC).

i-LINK Retailer Terminal

The i-LINK is a combination Retailer Point of Service Terminal and VLT Site Controller. It can connect up to 50 VLTs to the INTELLIGEN Central system within a single retail location. It offers a 15 inch colour countertop display with a built- in barcode, card reader and printer function. The i- Link also offers a user friendly design that supports player registration and cash out functions. It can provide enhanced systems monitoring through a colour coded VLT status display, messages and alarms.

Multi-Terminal Site Controller (MTSC)

The Multi-Terminal Site Controller (MTSC) is used to connect VLTs and forward event and meter data, to and from, the venue and the INTELLIGEN Central System. Each MTSC can support upwards of 400 VLTs in a single venue. Their performance is dependent on the gaming demands and the media rich functionality of the VLTs at each venue.

According to the details of IGT’s newest contract, they will be providing the Swedish lottery operator with a minimum of 2,000 site controllers.

IGT Casinolink

IGT Casinolink supports every facet of their client’s gaming operation needs. This is done by linking the management of slot machines, table games, account- based wagering, marketing and the cage into one comprehensive system.

Svenska Spel already uses IGT’s Casinolink at their land- based casinos.

Comments from IGT

Walter Bugno, the CEO of IGT International, said that IGT and Svenka Spel have had a successful business relation for the last two decades.

He said, “Throughout the last two decades, we’ve successfully supported and enhanced Svenska Spel’s approach to protecting players while creating advanced solutions to meet their business objectives.”

He added that the new deal will help the lottery company grow and remain competitive in the future.

He said, “This contract will help to ensure that Svenska Spel continues to responsibly grow and remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace. It will help to increase player engagement, ensure the long-term sustainability of their offering, and provide a safe gaming experience for their players, which is the cornerstone of Svenska Spel’s program.”

IGT has been responsible for providing Svenska Spel with its VLT wide area network operation for many years. The company also features many IGT slot machines and the IGT Casinolink tool at their brick and mortar venues. Additionally, the company has been supplying Svenska Spel with a fully customisable poker software since 2006.

International Game Technology PLC (IGT)

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