Latest Playtech BGT Sports Product to Revolutionise the Retail Betting Sector

In iGaming by on March 13, 2017


Software company, Playtech BGT Sports (PBS), has launched a brand new product that could change the way we gamble altogether. The company’s new creation is aiming to revolutionise the retail betting market with the launch of its BetTracker innovation.

Best Gaming Technology (BGT) has always been at the vanguard of retail technology in the gambling world.  Their self- service betting terminals have been providing an automated wagering experience to customers from all around the world for a while now.

In 2016 Playtech BGT Sports or PBS was formed. Playtech acquired the rival gaming software developer for a tidy sum of EUR 135 million. Following the acquisition of BGT, Playtech integrated their other businesses into one sports division and titled it Playtech BGT Sports. PBS now has a global footprint that covers four continents. Their products and services are available across both land- based and digital platforms. They aim to make their games accessible in a multitude of languages to cater to their global audience.

PBS is also the inaugural supplier of Self Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs). Right now they are getting ready to promote their pioneering BetTracker product. The Bet Tracker mobile app has been designed for bettors who enjoy the flexibility of online betting but do not wish to deal with any of the hassle. The product will particularly cater to players who do not hold online betting accounts .With this app the customer can go to a betting shop, place a bet and walk out without having to wait for the results. The BetTracking app assists them to transmit the bets that they had placed in- store, onto their mobile devices. It then automatically observes and tracks what happens to that bet. In the instance of a win, the system even allows them the amenities to cash out without having to wait at the shop. However, the player does have to go back to a bookie. He or she can take the mobile device to any of the operator’s betting shops to receive their winnings. The app allows them the chance to place a bet at one of the operators shops while cashing out in another.

The mechanics of the service is very simple. With the mobile application all the player needs to do is scan the bet slip once a wager has been placed in store. The app is then able to monitor the rest until it is time to cash up. Players can access their winnings on the system, which sits on the same platform as the BGT terminals that are commonly found in bookmakers throughout the UK and Ireland.

John Pettit, the Managing Director for PBS UK, Ireland and Australia, said that BetTracker is an innovative product that has the power to give retail betting shops the boost they have needed for a while.

He said, “We’re pleased to introduce BetTracker, a revolutionary product which will provide a real boost to the retail sector, improve the user experience, and increase operator revenues,”

It has been announced that the BetTracker app will be made available to the public through Apple and Android App stores very soon.

This new PBS invention will optimise convenience for clients and customers throughout the sector. They will be able to access gambling on their mobile device without the hassle of creating an account. All that will be required is scanning a ticket into the bespoke app, which can then monitor event progress.

Pettit also touched on the subject that while many in- store bettors enjoy the social atmosphere at their local bookie, some others prefer to guard their anonymity more brutally . They come into the store, place a bet and in the event of a win, cash out and leave.

Unlike the process of opening an online wagering account, the in- store process retains the player’s privacy even from the operator or dealer. However, in this day and age, it seems like a waste of time to sit around in a shop waiting for the results of a bet to unfold. The BetTracker App aims to bring the best of both worlds to PBS customers.

Pettit also added that while the technology behind BetTracker is nothing new, the design and application of the technology to the retail side of gambling is a first.

Pettit said, “We appreciate that some shop customers prefer anonymity and don’t want online accounts. Others like the sociability their local bookie offers. This solution caters for both, bringing the technology that is now routine online into retail estates for the first time.

He concluded by saying, “PBS continues to drive innovation in the retail space, and we look forward to seeing BetTracker transform the betting experience for customers in all shops up and down the country.”

Once the app reaches the masses PBS will be able to determine the demand and popularity for the product.