Microgaming Latest Tech Achievement – Virtual Reality Casinos Are Closer Than You Think

In iGaming by on May 3, 2016

Although it sounds unbelievable, seeming impossible, but we have to admit it is very interesting. 20 years ago we could see Virtual Reality or VR only in sci-fi movies and in tech documentaries. Today, tech giants like Google are investing tons of money to develop and improve VR systems that can be available to the general public. Oculus Rift will probably be the first VR gadget to hit the market with a moderate price tag. If we consider the experience this little wearable can deliver the price is irrelevant.

However, the gadget is worthless if there are neither systems nor supply of entertainment products and services to back the hardware. The casino software provider, the gigantic Microgaming already has a fully functional VR platform that waits for its official release. For the time being, only a handful of players have actually tested their VR system.

Is it as Amazing as It Sounds?

So far we know that the people who got the opportunity to play the VR roulette game Microgaming delivered were amazed by what they could see.

Regardless of the quality and the performance of Microgaming’s VR product, the online casino community is startled by how fast the casino industry is improving. And what casino software provider can do it best if not Microgaming.

There are no indications that we’re going to see Microgaming’s VR game hit online casinos as a part of their standard offer anytime soon. This is not the case due to Microgaming’s incompetence. They’ve done an amazing job. Nevertheless, the hardware is mandatory. If you don’t have the VR headset, you can’t experience the VR at its full potential. Sure, there’s probably going to be an adaptation of a 3D game, but the complete VR experience is only possible with a VR headset like Oculus Rift for instance.

This is still an unexplored market. One thing is for sure. The online casino that will integrate Virtual Reality Casino games first, will see a huge increase in popularity, in player count and of course in generated revenue. We’re anticipating announcements if there are going to be online casinos that will get the VR platform exclusively, at least for some time.

Is Virtual Reality Going to Be Available for Roulette Exclusively?

We can only speculate on this. However, we’re 100% positive that the demand for VR slots will be immense. And we know that no game producer will say no to players who are eager to play their products. We can already imagine a VR Mega Moolah slot, or how about a Virtual Reality Starburst? NetEnt will surely follow the lead of Microgaming. The excitement is through the roof.

Stay tuned for more information regarding all the latest tech achievements in the online casino industry.