New Features Added to Playtech BGT Sports’ Football Betting Offering Ahead of this Year’s European Season

In iGaming by on August 3, 2017



Sports betting solutions provider, Playtech BGT Sports (PBS), has announced that they have expanded their options for their football betting service. Fans are eagerly waiting for this year’s European football season, which is to begin later this month. The PBS service was launched recently to coincide with the start of the sporting season.

Firstly, the company has improved their betting service that takes wagers on these football matches by upgrading their couple building options. This allows the PBS self- service betting terminals (SSBT) to perform better. They have also launched a new version of the product called the Goalscorer Coupon and introduced another called the Asian Handicap betting for the first time.

The Goalscorer Coupon feature works by highlighting a list of likely scorers across multiple popular matches for people to bet on. New research has unearthed that more and more people are placing anytime scorer bets instead of the traditional first time scorer bets. The list of high scorers gives punters a hand when it comes to placing these bets. This was the reasoning behind why PBS decided to introduce the new and improved feature ahead of one of the biggest football games of the year.

The new Asian Handicap offering, on the other hand, allows customers to take advantage of more flexible and competitive two- way total goal and handicap lines. This can enhance chances of wins across all major football leagues.

John Pettit, the Managing Director of Playtech BGT Sports UK, Ireland, Asia and Australia said that there is no doubt that high street sportsbook, as a sector of the industry, have their own set of difficulties to deal with. However, these new self- service machines, SSBTs, have been proven to be popular among casual bettors. They are easy to use and are gaining more traction every day.

He said, “High street bookies are facing their fair share of challenges, but the progress and increased profitability of SSBTs has been very positive, as they are successfully providing the choice and ease- of- use that today’s customers demand.”

Pettit added that the SSBTs are also popular amongst betting operators across the country. They have also been proven to increase revenues for these companies over recent months. PBS is confident that the addition of the two new features will enhance the player experience and the client revenues even further.

He said, “Our SSBTs help our operator partners drive incremental revenues and we’re confident that our enhanced product range, new coupons, and greater functionality will help that further.”

PBS also promises to present their most diverse football betting offering all across this year’s football seasons. They have added pre- match and in- play betting features. All of this is available across almost 1,000 competitions in more than 120 countries. According to the software provider, customers who use their in- play service, will also get to see an improved provision. It will offer a greater range of matches, all of which will be available across hundreds of terminals that have been installed in strategic locations all across the United Kingdom.