Online Slots Developer – Ganapati Malta Ltd. Issued a Class 4 Maltese Gaming License

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Ganapati Malta Ltd., the Malta based arm of the Ganapati Group of Companies, has only been set up recently at the European archipelago. The company has also recently been issued with a gaming license by the Maltese authorities – the Malta Gaming Association (MGA). This means that the online slot machine developer will now able to offer online gambling operators that are licensed under the Maltese authorities their top- quality, Japanese- themed slot gaming options. This would include popular tiles, such as CrypBattle and She Ninja Suzu.

Ganapati Malta Ltd. is a fairly new name in the European gambling industry. The Japanese games developer only emerged in autumn of last year. On the occasion of their new license being issued, local newspaper, Malta Today, interviewed the director of the company. They kicked off the interview by asking him for his reasons for selecting Malta as an operational hub for their European initiative.

Richard Hogg, the Director of Ganapati Malta Ltd., responded by saying that Malta has been a respectable gambling hub for gambling companies for many years. The country has retained their reputation and has become the go- to place for all iGaming related businesses.

He said, “Over the years, Malta has retained its identity as a hub and go- to place for iGaming and thus it was an easy decision to make to set up here for Ganapati.”

He also added that he has a decade long personal relationship with the place and felt it would be perfect for the Ganapati Group of Companies’ expansion initiative.

He said, “I have been doing business in Malta since 2007 when I got my first gaming license in a record three months. The MGA (Malta Gaming Association) made us feel very welcome and assured us of their support.”

Hogg mentioned that the MGA was very detail oriented when it came to looking into each application they received and the country itself provided the perfect base for networking opportunities for these businesses.

He said, “It also recognised [that] it needed to look at changing the way its licenses were issued, which gave us the comfort we needed to apply for a Class 4 license. Since Ganapati’s potential clients are iGaming operators, Malta provides the business with the ideal networking and business development environment. Everything is nearby so it is easy to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.”

Hogg also mentioned that unlike some other up and coming gambling hotspots, Malta did not present a big language barrier for company executives. On top of that, with a community saturated with industry experts, they could access a pool of talent right at their fingertips while in Malta.

He said, “Everyone speaks English and there is an abundance of qualified individuals all eager to succeed in this industry.”

He went on to explain that there is a lot of global interest in Japan at the moment. People are curious about their culture and heritage. This is evident in today’s popular culture, which ranges from Hollywood adaptations of Japanese books to viral Youtube videos.

Hogg said, “With regards to Ganapati, our heritage is all about Japan. Japanese culture is taking the world by storm right now. Whether it be runaway successes like the Pen- Pineapple- Apple- Pen single, Japanese- inspired Hollywood releases like Ghost In The Shell or Cherry Blossom festivals cropping up everywhere around the world from London to LA.”

It has also been announced that the next Rugby World Cup, which is to be held in 2019, will be hosted by Japan. This will inevitable further increase people’s interest in the country. Not only that, this major sporting event will also present the Japanese with an opportunity to market newer local products to a global audience. Keeping that in mind, the Japanese government has launched an initiative – Cool Japan, which is looking to promote Japan and Japanese culture to outsiders, while taking advantage of all possible business opportunities in this window.

Hogg said, “In the run up to Japan 2020 and other high profile events such as the 2019 rugby world cup in Japan, we can expect the interest in Japanese culture and brands to continue to grow. For Japanese businesses this creates an exciting opportunity to reach a global audience. The Japanese government is capitalising on this enthusiasm for all things Japan with its Cool Japan initiative.”

The Cool Japan initiative is expected to strengthen the relation between Japan and the rest of the world. Ganapati, which is a Cool Japan partner, is also looking forward to the opportunity to market Japanese ideas to a wider audience.

Hogg continued, “This will further strengthen the ties between Japan and other countries. As a Cool Japan partner, Ganapati is proud to support this programme to promote the very best of Japanese thinking, ideas and technology to a global audience.”

The company director further explain that Ganapati has a very talented team, which is looking forward to expanding Japanese themed ideas beyond the Asian markets and in to the European gambling space.

He said, “We, at Ganapati Plc., are fortunate to work with some of the most dynamic and creative minds in different sectors, all with a deep personal connection to Japan, including Emmy-award winning writers, Hollywood animation producers and top journalistic talent. Whilst Ganapati’s heritage is from Japan and our games and ideas are Japanesethemed, it is a misconception to think we are targeting the Asian market. Because of this we firmly believe there is a global interest and demand for our products. We have many other ideas and concepts which have a different look and feel but may still retain Japanese logic. These may include TV, film and music, so watch this space! At Ganapati we are a fearless ambassador of Japanese culture. We are bringing Japanese culture, old and new, to the global gaming, entertainment and publishing sectors. We are Japan, based in Europe. Ganapati is the gateway to the very best of our native country.”

He also added as the first Japanese company to be founded in Europe, they have a unique understanding of both these markets and they will tirelessly strive to become the best content provider in the area.

Hogg said, “We will endeavour to become the leading content provider of entertainment products because we understand how to adapt Japanese ideas and technology to the global entertainment industry. As the first Japanese gaming company to start in Europe, with the backing of our local teams in Japan, we are able to ensure that the content we deliver is authentic and true to its origins. We operate in the ‘Immediacy Age’ but our unique business strength is our ability to deliver cutting- edge content quickly whilst remaining true to our Japanese belief in the essential value of detail, from which we believe true creativity will flow.”

Ganapati is one of the youngest suppliers in the market. It launched in September last year, but is backed by industry veterans from Asian and European iGaming spheres. Their mission is to celebrate Japanese culture through their slots games. These are designed around manga and anime, and the company uses sophisticated technology and enticing math to create these masterpieces.

Ganapati’s potential clients are iGaming operators and Malta provides the business with the ideal networking and business development environment. Everything is nearby so it is easy to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

With regards to Ganapati, their heritage is all about Japan. Needless to say, Japanese culture is taking the world by storm right now. This can be seen in the runaway successes of tunes like the Pen- Pineapple- Apple- Pen single. Japanese- inspired Hollywood releases like Ghost InThe Shell has also attracted a lot of mainstream media attention. Even their practices of celebrating the Cherry Blossom festivals to mark the arrival of spring, are being mimicked everywhere across the world, starting from London to LA.

Mitsuya Fujimoto, the CEO of Ganapati Malta Ltd. and the COO of Ganapati Holding Plc., said that he was proud to have achieved the Maltese gaming license.

He said, “Having our first license in Malta is a milestone for the company, and we are proud to be associated with Malta and the MGA.”

Fujimoto also praised the MGA for their support and efficiency.

He said, “The MGA has shown efficiency and professionalism throughout the process in working with our in- house team in ensuring we met all the requirements of the application.”

Richard Hogg, Director of Ganapati Malta, added, “We are pleased to have been awarded our Class 4 license in Malta.”

He added that this step will only go on motivate them to do more and better in the future.

Hogg said, “This goes to reinforce our desire to be a distributor of top class casino games into the regulated marketplace. The process and subsequent successful application has ensured we can give a complete level of comfort to our clients and their customers.”

Hogg concluded by saying that he hopes for a fruitful collaboration with Malta for their future.

He said, “We hope Malta embraces the Japanese culture as much as we are embracing the Maltese culture.”

Ganapati Plc.

The Japanese gaming content developer, Ganpati Plc., has been dubbed the fearless ambassador of Japanese culture. They aim to bring both old and new Japanese customs to the world of global gaming, entertainment and publishing sectors. They call themselves “Japan, based in Europe,” and consider the company the gateway to the very best of native Japan. They hope to soon become the leading content provider of entertainment products on this nature in Europe, because they understand how to adapt Japanese ideas and technology to the global entertainment industry.

They operate in the ‘Immediacy Age’ but with the strength and ability to deliver authentic, cutting- edge content quickly. Ganapati has an eye for detail and believe all their products can personify Japanese culture better than any other.

As a part of the Ganapati Group Plc., Ganapati Malta Ltd. is a supplier of high- quality online games from their Maltese hub. The European arm of the Japanese company was only established in September of 2016. Their mission is to supply the European online gambling market with games that blend the best of Japanese gaming logic to unique design elements. They can supply innovative products with distinctive visual elements that can engage customers like never before. Their original products are both unique and unlike anything else in the European marketplace. Ganapati Malta is one of the market leaders in innovative online game design. Their real money gambling titles feature licensed IP from internationally- recognised game studios that have a track record of hugely successful and well- known products. This includes the likes of Gungrave and Cryptract, as well as their very our own – She Ninja Suzu and Pachinko Fireworks. Through the combination of cutting- edge technology and design, they are currently in the middle of developing original online gambling games in partnership with a well- known Hollywood studio. Ganapati also create their very own IP by utilising their global network of contacts in the entertainment industry. This ranges from films and TV to music, games and animation. All Ganapati customers stand to benefit from the wide choice of entertainment- centred games that they provide. On top of that every single one of their titles promises a high level of customer engagement. Ganapati claims that their games are truly different from anything else in the market because they combine the traditional European online gaming experience with unique Japanese entertainment ideas.