Beware! – Pirates Are Sailing In The Online Gaming Industry

In iGaming by on July 4, 2016

We are all aware of the advent of piracy making huge steps, becoming impossible to control and prevent. Until a few years ago piracy was far away from online casinos. However, the convenience and cost-efficiency of piracy tricked several online casino operators to take advantage of the means and benefits offered by piracy. NetEnt and Novomatic were the first casino game producers that felt the damage piracy can do. Copyrights and supplying fees are not the only things that can take a blow. What about the uncontrolled Random Number Generators? What about all the losses the players incurred due to malicious behavior. This issue is much bigger than it seems at first glance. Piracy in the online gambling industry is not like pirating a blockbuster movie or a popular song, it’s much worse. However, we do not support piracy in any form, nor we ever will. It’s illegal and it must be put an end to.

Who Are The Flagship Pirates?

For the time being only a handful of online casinos have been marked as pirates of online casino gaming sea. We hope this is not just the tip of an iceberg, cause it will ruin the gambling experience of many players. Most likely the trust players had will be shattered if these are not the only cases of piracy that are out there. The regulators have to do something to prevent piracy and to impose thorough and more frequent audits of online casinos to ensure the well-being of online casino players.

So what are the online casinos that took the liberty to pirate NetEnt’s and Novomatic’s games? AffPower’s brands, Atlantic Casino Club, EuroMoon, Cosmik, Park Lane, Osiris and Deuce Club are the most notable pirates of NetEnt’s games. Players who are fond of NetEnt’s games have most likely noticed the minor differences in the interface and the design. We must admit, whoever made these copies put in a great effort. Only the eyes of an experienced slot player could’ve noticed that the copies are not the real thing.

Besides AffPower’s brands, there are two more online casinos who pirated online casino games. Vulkan Casino and Twist Casino, known Russian US-friendly online casinos offered Novomatic games without any license. Furthermore, they advertised in their T&C that they hold a proper license for the games they offer. This is bold move that’s a serious breach of the law and the regulations, regardless of where’s the licenser located.

How To Spot Fake Casino Games

It will take you only a few minutes of your time to learn how to check if the game is valid or it’s just another good copy of your favorite game. If you’re not keen on computers you’ll get lost along they way, but with a bit of trial and error you’ll get the hang of it. If you inspect the source code of a game, copies tend to deviate from the standard source set by the official game producer. AffPower were rather sneaky by changing a simple U to a capital Y, thinking that this’ll make any unaware visitor this is just a minor glitch.

The best way to check a game is to open any reputable online casino which offers genuine and official games. Check the source code and then go back to the suspicious casino to check the source of their game. If there are any discrepancies, you better run.

The Aftermath of This Minor Investigation

All operators have removed the pirated games, acting like nothing happened. We have to wait and see if the official authorities will do something about it. The response should be firm and fierce. If they want to make an example out of AffPower, Vulkan Casino and Twist Casino, the time is now.

Instead of seeing “witch hunts” organized by the online gambling community, official authorities should roll up their sleeves and take their job more seriously. These pirates were exposed and everyone should dealt with. Hopefully, there’s not going to be a next time, but if there is, we hope that the hero will be the respective regulator.

The full list of casinos you should avoid is as follows:,, MagikCasino, RamsesGold, Slots500, CasinoBordeaux, Vulkan Casino, Twist Casino, EuroMoon, Atlantic Casino Club, Cosmik, Park Lane, Osiris Casino, Deuce Club and make sure you stay away fro AffPower, WolfAffiliates and CasinoPartners365.