Playtech ONE – The Omni Platform

In Software by on November 28, 2016

Playtech has been at the forefront of the technological advancements in the igaming industry. It is known as a leader, an innovator, a key player that can set the trends in the industry and change the course of the market. Its capabilities are unparalleled. Playtech keeps surprising us with new, better, improved products and software solutions. The latest innovation coming from Playtech that was introduced recently is the Playtech ONE.

Playtech ONE – A Powerful Tool For Online Casino and Sportsbook Operators

The online gaming and sports betting market are continuously expanding. Operators have to deal with a whole lot more customers. In order to deliver a unique experience, tailor made to meet the specific needs of one individual, it takes a powerful tool, software that can extract important data and information. Besides other things, Playtech ONE tracks the behavior of each customer and offers them special deals, recommends products that might of the player’s interest, etc.

According to Playtech’s research, ONE extends the play sessions between 10-20%, whereas the player value increases 15-30%. This means only one thing, more commission, tagged players become more profitable. The results, the benefits are evident.

Wallet, Content, CRM, Personalisation – All in ONE

Playtech ONE fully integrates all departments of one casino or sportsbook. This includes all transactions, incoming and outgoing, all products, even across different departments. All games, the complete offer is made available on all devices via all channels that are supported by Playtech ONE. It really can make a difference.

Playtech ONE makes it easy for operators to launch other 3rd party products on it. It’s no secret that Playtech has a complete offer that can fully set in motion an online casino or a sportsbook, even a live casino. However, there are operators that like to go further and to bring additional products designed and delivered by other casino game producers. Being flexible can never go wrong.

How This Affects Affiliates

As long as operators are benefiting from the players, affiliates will thrive forward. The Playtech ONE is without a doubt one of the best innovations that have been introduced lately. This omni-platform will breed success. Eventually, we can expect a surge in conversions, especially from online casinos. Operators that still do not use Playtech’s products should stop and rethink their decision. Once customers experience the benefits of the Playtech ONE, they will start searching casinos and sportsbooks that are powered by Playtech and that have already integrated the ONE platform. Besides this, being able to deposit and withdraw with convenience has always been a question difficult to answer.