Playtech Progressive Jackpot Releases the Eighth Title in Their Popular Age of the Gods Series

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Following the rapid success of the first seven superhuman Age of the Gods titles, Playtech Plc., the UK based omni- channel gaming software, systems and services supplier, has announced the release of their eighth installment.

The game series, which was first launched in June of 2016, has been witnessed significant interest from both local and international players. Both the rate of uptake by new operators and extension of session times for Playtech’s licensees have been observed to have gone up with the distribution of these titles.

Age of Gods Titles

Playtech plc. provides content for more than 150 operators and with successful titles like those in the Age of the Gods series, their popularity undoubtedly will continue to grow. The successful progressive jackpot slot series seems to have taken the sector by storm. The games offer superb graphics, animations and other bonus features. All of the Age of the Gods slots are a part of their own progressive jackpot network. This means that players can win one of four additional jackpots if they are lucky.

Age of the Gods King of Olympus

Age of the Gods King of Olympus was the first game to be launched in the series. It was launched with Playtech’s in- house designed of five- reel, 25- pay lines. The slot game features eye catching neon graphics, unique bonuses and new features that are guaranteed to excite and entertain all the players right across the Playtech casino network. The game starts with at spins that are as low as GBP £0.25, and goes up to a maximum bids of BP £2,500 for each turn.

The titles offer a Free Games feature, where players receive 10 free spins and benefit from an increasing multiplier. The multiplier starts at 2 x, and goes up by 1 x after every two free spins, until it is up to 6 x on the initial wager. The game is based on Zeus, the ancient Greek God, who is charge of sky and thunder.

Graphically, the reels include a symbol for Zeus himself, which also serves as the wild symbol for the slot game. Other symbols include Pegasus and Aetos Dios, as well as harps, vases and the standard A, K, Q and J playing card icons. The highest paying symbol, as expected, is Zeus, which substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. It rewards players with 3,000 times the line bet if they manage to get 5 on an active pay line.

The Free Games feature is triggered when three or more Temple of Zeus symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This rewards the players with 10 free spins and also an increasing multiplier. Additionally, once the Zeus wild symbol appears, it gets locked in place for rest of the game. The only downside to the feature is that you cannot retrigger more free spins.

Lastly, there are also four progressive jackpots to be won, when playing on this slot title. These can be listed as the Ultimate Power, the Super Power, the Extra Power and Power jackpots.

Age of the Gods

Playtech’s Age of the Gods, which is the second title to be released in the series, has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The game is available to play on both desktop and mobile devices. It is again based on Greek and Roman mythology and features Athena, Hercules, Poseidon and once again Zeus as the main characters. Spins start from as low as GBP £0.20 and go up to GBP £500 for each turn.

This installment in the series has a very dramatic and detailed background. The reels include five gods in total. Athena serves as the highest value symbol out of the gods. Landing five of these on a pay line would reward players with 1,000 times their bet. A laurel wreath serves as the wild symbol and is also the most rewarding icon in the game. Landing five of these on a single pay line would guarantee a payout of 10,000 times the player’s initial bet.

The game offers the bonus feature – A Pantheon of Power on Reels. This requires all five gods to line up on an active pay line for the players to receive 200 times their line bet, or 10 times their stake as a cash prize.

It also offers an Age of the Gods Bonus feature, which is triggered when a player gets three or more Age of the Gods symbols anywhere on the reels.

The Athena Free Games feature gives players nine free spins, before each of which a random multiplier between 2 x and 5 x the bet is applied.

The Zeus Free Games feature also gives players nine free spins, but unlike the Athena feature, it starts with a 1 x multiplier that keeps increasing by 1 x for every three spins.

The Poseidon Free Games feature, once again, gives players nine free spins. Lightning from Poseidon’s trident turns up to five symbols on the screen in to wilds on every single free spin. With this feature, players stand the chance to win up to 7,000 times their initial stake.

Finally, the Hercules Free Games feature also offers nine free spins. When this is activated, the Hercules symbol becomes a stacked wild on the middle, all other symbols except for the one for scatter becomes substituted.

Once the free spins feature finishes, the players are taken back to the wall with coins to play on various features until the Hades icon is uncovered.

As with the other titles on the series, there are the four progressive jackpots to be won at random too.

Age of the Gods Furious 4

Age of the Gods Furious 4 is the third installment from the series. It features 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The game is playable across all desktop and mobile devices. Just like the previous installments of the series, this one is based on ancient Greek and Roman mythology but features only four gods – Prometheus, Apollo, Pandora and Atlas. Spins start from as little as GBP £0.20, and go up all the way to GBP £500.

The design of this title is aesthetically beautiful. The Furious 4 wild is the highest value symbol in the game. If a player manages to get five of them on a pay line, it rewards them with 10,000 times their line bet.

The main appeal of this title is the Free Games features, which can be triggered when a players lands three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Each of the four gods is represented in their own free spins features. Each of these features can get players 12 free spins at a time. The four gods that may be covering the middle reel go on to determine which Furious feature gets activated.

If the symbol for Apollo, the Roman sun god, appears on the middle reel during the feature, the player activates the Age of Light Free Spins. Apollo symbols then substitute for all others, except the wild and scatter, and expand to cover the entire reel.

If the symbol for Pandora is appears on the middle reel during the free spins feature, the Age of Curiosity is triggered. In this feature, the player gets the chance to win a cash prize equivalent to the stake placed. Additionally, they also receive four Age of Curiosity free spins, which start with a 1 x multiplier. Every time the symbol for Pandora is spotted during the free spins, the multiplier goes up by another 1 x.

The symbol for Prometheus triggers the Age of Fire feature. This activates four Age of the Fire free spins. Reel 1 is then becomes covered with locked Prometheus symbols with extra Prometheus symbols on the other 4 reels.

Finally, the god Atlas brings about the Age of Endurance free spins feature. This is played when Atlas covers the 3rd reel. The feature awards players with three Age of Endurance free spins. When activated, the Atlas symbols substitute all the others on the reels, except the wild and scatter, which remain there for all the rest of the free spins.

Like with all other Age of the Gods slots, players have the chance to win one of the four progressive jackpots at any time during their play.

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters

Age of the Gods Fate Sisters slot title also features 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The Greek and Roman mythology themed game is based on the three sisters, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. According to the stories, they were the daughters of Erebus and Nyx and determined the fates of every mortal on the planets, as well as gods, and Titans. The game starts with spins that are only valued at GBP £0.25 a go.

This title offers players the Sisters’ Gift feature, which is played when Lachesis appears on reel number 1, Clotho on reel number 3, and Atropos on the final reel, number 5, at the same time.

The main attraction of this title is the Fates’ Portal Free Games feature, which can be activated by getting 3 scatters anywhere on the reels. The player then has the option to enter one of three temples, each of which represents one of the sisters.

Entering Atropos’ Temple gives the player 15 free spins with a dynamic multiplier. The multiplier starts at random with 2 x, 3 x, 4 x or 5 x on the initial bet. If Atropos appears on reels number 1, 2 , 4 or 5, the multiplier increases by another 1 x. On the other hand, if the symbol for her does not appear on any of the reels, then the multiplier decreases by a count of 1 x. The multiplier however, never drops below the 2 x mark and also does not go above 5 x. If the symbol for Atropos appears on the middle reel, it rewards the player with three additional free spins.

Choosing Lachesis’ Temple means that the player begins the bonus feature with 10 free spins and the benefit of freezing wilds. Wild symbols freeze on the reels for 3 subsequent free spins. If a new wild lands on a freezing wild, it resets the frozen wild to appear on the next 3 free spins too. Like Atropos Temple feature, if the symbol for Lachesis appears on the middle reel, it gives players three extra free spins.

Finally, Clotho’s Temple starts the player off with 8 free spins and random wilds. A total of three random wild symbols are added to the reels for every free spin. Clotho appearing anywhere on reel 3 gives players another three free spins.

Like the other titles in the series, Age of the Gods Fate Sisters, also gives their players the chance to be part of four progressive jackpots contests.

Age of the Gods Goddess of Wisdom

Age of the Gods Goddess of Wisdom is a 5 reel, 20 pay line digital slot title. It is based on Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war. This installment is all about the Battle Game feature, which allows players to choose from three free spins modes with expanding wild symbols. Spins start from as little as GBP £0.20 on this title. The game also features the chance to take part in some Playtech progressive jackpots.

The game is set in an ancient Greek temple. Symbols on the reels include olive branches, sandals, armour, helmets and Gorgoneion. The Gorgoneion is a magical pendant that shows the Gorgon’s head. It is the highest value symbol in this game and gives players a 5,000 times return on their stake when they land five of them on a pay line.

Athena acts as the game’s wild symbol. When it appears on the three middle reels, it substitutes all the symbols except for the scatter. The scatter symbol, which is an owl in this title, triggers the Battle Game feature, when three or more of them land anywhere on the reel. The player is then given the choice of three free spins modes.

If they choose to select the Gorgoneion Spin Mode, they are awarded with10 free spins. If they pick the Helmet Spin Mode, they receive seven free spins with a 4 x multiplier. Finally, if they choose the Armour Spin Mode, they get 14 free spins with a 2 x multiplier. All wild symbols, despite of which spin mode the player chooses, will expand to fill the entire reel they land on.

As with all other Age of the Gods series games, there are four progressive jackpots to be won, which are randomly triggered from any spin.

Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus

Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus is another installment of Playtech’s Age of Gods series. The game features 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The title is playable across all desktop and mobile devices and can take bets from as little as GBP £0.25 all the way up to GBP £500. It is based on the ancient Greek god, Hercules, who was not only called the Prince of Olympus but was also famous for his extraordinary strength.

It is set inside a temple and the symbols on the reels include golden apples, clubs and Orthrus, who is the two- headed dog that according to legends was killed by Hercules. The creature serves as the highest value symbol and rewards players you with 4,000 times their line stake, when five of them land on a pay line.

The game benefits from four attractive features. This includes the Hydra Bonus feature, which is activated when the Hydra Bonus symbol appears on both reels 1 and 5 simultaneously. The aim here is to help Hercules take out the Hydra by firing arrows at its heads. Every hit is worth cash prizes. If the player has excellent luck and manages to slash the beast, they are awarded a multiplier of up to 5 times the initial bet. There is also the randomly triggered Hercules Rage feature, which can destroy all the hydra heads at once.

The title also includes the Free Games feature, which comes into play when the Hercules scatter symbol appears anywhere on the reels. This awards players with 10 free spins and a 3 x multiplier. Another three scatters give the players an additional 10 free spins, taking the total up to 20.

Players can also trigger the Herculean Strength feature, which occurs when the Hercules wild symbol appears on the middle of the 3rd reel. It expands to give players two re-spins with a locked expanding wild. If the Hercules wild lands on any of the three middle reels, it expands on all three reels and awards players with one more re-spin and a locked expanding wild. The key to winning big is to get two identical symbols on reels 1 and 5.

Like with all other Age of the Gods series slots, there are four progressive jackpots to be won. They are all triggered randomly.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Age of the Gods: God of Storms was the seventh digital slot title to be released under the Playtech franchise. It offers 5 reels and 25 pay lines. As with the rest of the series, this game too has a Greek / Roman mythology theme and is based on Aeolus, the God of the Sea. The game is playable on both desktop and mobile devices. It starts at GBP £0.25 for a spin.

The game is set in an ancient harbor, which is overlooked from within the city walls. The reels are encased in pillars that have a marble like feel. Symbols on the reels include traditional pots and vases, an archer with his bow, Artemis – the Greek goddess of hunting, a Spartan and Hydra, the well- known sea monster.

The game is all about an Argo or ship, which serves as the wild symbol. When it lands on a reel, it triggers the Wild Wind Re-spin feature, where the player is rewarded with one free re-spin. Aeolus then appears on the right-hand side of the screen and blows the stacked wild 1 reel to the left. As a result, the multiplier increases to 2 x, then 3 x, and finally to 5 x.

As part of the Age of the Gods series, Age of the Gods: God of Storms is part of the four progressive jackpots that can be to be won at random by any of their players.

The Newest Slot Game Title

This newest arrival caters to the increasing demand for further mythology themed games. To date, the Age of the Gods series has proved particularly popular with players. Playtech Plc. has enjoyed significant player uptake and extended sessions times across all licensees with these titles.

James Frendo, the Casino Director at Playtech Plc. highlighted how the games have been really well received not only in the local market but all across the world.

He said, “The global success of our Age of the Gods suite across our many international licensees and their players has been incredible, adding a dynamic dimension to our extensive casino offering of more than 600 cutting- edge and classic, tried and tested, best- performing titles.

While he did not disclose too much about the features of the final installment, he did say that players should expect another explosive offering to tie up this series of eight.

He said, “Our latest addition, bursting with unique features and bonuses, is certain to take the gaming world by storm.”

Given the success of all seven games in the series so far, we can expect the final installment to be just as exciting. However, it is up to the players to determine the appeal of the final part and rate their favourite of the Age of Gods games.

Playtech Plc.

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